Roberto Manrique Koo Self Defense

My cousin Jorge Manrique invited me to try a Koo Self Defense training which I enjoyed so much that I convinced my dad to let me joined. I began my training with Master Koo on January 4, 2002. I joined the no-belt program as I was not interested in the belt program because for street self defense purposes, one does not need a belt. In order to become a good fighter, the way a student is trained matters more. The way that all the students are trained, I can see how effective they will all be on the streets. They all generate so much hitting power, and it is unbelievable!

My cousin, Jorge always encourages me to do my best at every class and I give more hat 100 per cent at every class. This habit of giving 100 percent also translates into everything that I do. I would go to Master Koo's studio with Jorge and he trains practically every day at least two and sometimes three classes a day. Sometimes the classes are so tough, especially the non stops 400 kicks, 1800 or 2520 non stop punching onto focus mitts and shields, it wears me down.

Master Roger Koo is truly a great instructor and I like all the classes that I attend which is always challenging my body and mind. Koo Self Defense keeps me in great shape, helps me to lose weight and make me much stronger and fitter than I could do in any other sport. It is truly the greatest total body workout!

VIDEO CLIPS taken April 2002. Started training at Master Koo's studio, Downtown Cartersville, Georgia, USA on January 4, 2002 and has done 89 classes to the day of photos and video clips.
Power Drills Stationary 1800 Nonstop Punches Class
Power Drills Yellow Belt Combo Legs Class

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